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970 Branchview Dr NE #110, Concord NC 28025

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Additional Dental Services

Happy family At the Concord dental office of Jeffrey A. Fink DDS, other dental services available are as follows:

Tooth extractions For severely damaged or decayed teeth, or in preparation for orthodontic treatment.

Endodontic treatment For tooth pulp infection.

Dental implant restorations Once a dental implant has been placed and has integrated itself into the jaw bone, it can be restored with a porcelain crown.

Periodontal treatment Deep cleaning to remove bacteria from periodontal pockets and to help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. These cleanings may be recommended more than twice annually to properly control periodontal disease.

Dentures We offer full, partial and implant-supported dentures.

Night guards Hard and soft guards are can be custom made to help combat teeth grinding and clenching.

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