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Preventive Dentistry

Dr. Fink and patient One of our goals in promoting oral health is to prevent minor dental issues from becoming more extensive – and expensive – problems that must be addressed. In addition to having a strong home care routine, the best thing you can do for your teeth and gums is to stay current on preventive dentistry measures. The following are some common preventive dentistry treatments and diagnostic tools that we use in our office to keep your family’s smiles healthy.

Prophylaxis (professional teeth cleaning) Most patients should have their teeth cleaned by a registered dental hygienist every six months. Patients who have gum disease often benefit from having these teeth cleanings performed three or four times per year. Benefits of teeth cleaning include plaque and tartar removal to help prevent cavities, and removal of surface stains caused by foods and beverages.

Comprehensive dental exams Dental hygienists and dentists inspect your mouth thoroughly by measuring along your gum line for signs of periodontal disease; checking teeth for decay, chips, cracks and abnormal wear; and performing an oral cancer screening.

Digital X-rays Powerful diagnostic tools that enable dentists to see portions of your mouth that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Digital panorex X-rays provide a view of the entire upper and lower jaw, teeth, temporomandibular joints and sinuses. Bitewing X-rays show us the upper and lower back teeth, and enable us to see how the teeth touch each other. They also show whether decay is present.

Fluoride treatments Give your teeth an extra boost in the decay-fighting department. Fluoride helps prevent dental caries and can even reverse decay in its earliest stages. Fluoride treatments are applied as a varnish onto tooth surfaces and are appropriate for children and adults.

MI Paste This is an advanced fluoride toothpaste that comes in five flavors. It is a good option for those with extreme tooth sensitivity, and it also removes some tooth discolorations.

Dental sealants for children Keeping all the grooves and crevices of your teeth clean can be a challenge, and this is particularly true for children’s molars. Dental sealants are thin protective coatings that act as a safety net for your children to help keep those deep grooves in their molars free of cavity-causing bacteria. Sealants have been shown to reduce decay risk in molars by almost 80 percent. We inspect the sealants at each dental checkup to ensure they are in good shape. Sealants can be reapplied if necessary.

Hygiene instructions Professional teeth cleanings are only one piece of your dental care puzzle. Your at-home oral hygiene is another important piece. Brushing after meals and daily flossing are the most powerful tools in helping prevent dental issues, and we want to ensure that you’re performing those tasks properly. Our dental hygienists offer hygiene instructions to help you get the greatest benefit from your home care routine.

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